Are you a Candidate for an Office?

Does meeting your clients at the local coffee shop say “I am NOT sure if my business will make it, so in the meantime, meet me at the corner Starbucks”?  This is not quite the image you may want to portray.  Daily meetings at coffee shops can also run you $200 / month, depending on if you “flip” the bill for your client as well.

Office space may not be as impossible to reach as you may think!  All-inclusive offices also offer a fixed price office, so you know that each month there are no surprise expenses.  It will also give you that professional presence that says “I am here to stay!”

Lowering your Overhead can be the Key to your Success!

Staring a new business can be daunting!  How much is the rent?  What about the HOA?  How much will the utilities be?  These issues can be resolved with an all-inclusive office suite.  Harmon offers 2-room suites that includes all your needs!  Furniture, internet, WIFI, utilities, janitorial, repairs, etc. are all included.  Just bring your cell phone and laptop and you are ready to get going on your business.  You should be concerned about making money and keeping your expenses low.  At Harmon Business Center, there are no extra fees.  The monthly fee you sign up for you stay with.  This lets you focus on your business, and that is what we want you to do.  Come join our group of doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, and more!

Reasons to Consider an Executive Office Space

Executive Suites Las Vegas

Executive Suites Las Vegas

For many new small business owners, the cost of operating a traditional office space can be quite daunting and can use up all of the money in their budget. Many new small business owners dread the thought of maintaining their own office space due to the time and aggravation it can cause. Instead of putting yourself in this type of position, you need to think about an executive office space. There are many different types of executive offices available in most areas, which mean you will have no problem finding the best one for your needs. The following are a few benefits of getting an executive office space. Read More

The Advantages of All-Inclusive Office Suites

When looking for a new office space but you are unsure of what your expenses may be, then an all-inclusive office space may be the right choice. A lot of executive office suites advertise a low price to get you in the door, but then charge you for extras, such as break room fees, copy fees, fax fees, internet fees, and more. Read More